Chittagong Port now unload ships by 6 days

A ship containing 30-40 thousand tons commodities would be unloaded in Chittagong Port by only six days where a ship, containing the same quantity is now being unloaded by 15 days.

The addition of three modern machines in Chittagong port to ease the unloading, promoting a save of 3-4 crore Tk. as demurrage cost per each ship’s unloading.

Sajahan Khan, Minister of Shipping inaugurated one Pneumatic Conveyor and two Weighing and Bagging machines yesterday at 11.00 am at Chittagong Port’s  jetty No 6 .

The Pneumatic Conveyor (VIGAN TYPE 100), pricing of 6 crore 90 lakh Tctgportk., enable to unload 170 tons each hour, was imported from Belgium and two Weighing and Bagging machines, of 3 crore 87 lakh tk. enable to unload 140 tons was from Canada.

Shajahan Khan as the Chief Guest said, Chittagong port playing the key role for growing the Gross Development Product (GDP) of the country and contributing the as the key door of country’s import and export.

“For the betterment of the port and making it as a high class international port, the government under PM Shiekh Hasina is working hard and giving a special focus on it,” he added.

Among others, Ashoke Madhab Roy, Secretary of the Shipping Ministry, MP Abdul Latif, Member of the Parliamentary  Standing Committee on  Shipping Ministry , Rear Admiral M Khaled Chowdhury, Chairman of the Port and Mahbubul Alam, President of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry  among the high profile personalities were present here.

The minister also said, a monument and museum would be set up here soon, in respect of the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the salvation of the nation during 1971. He also said the largest-tower of 40 story would be established in Chittagong where all the key offices would be located.

Mentioning that a film on the risky operation well known as “Operation Jack Pot” conducted by the Navy commanders here during the liberation war would be released by June under shipping ministry, he said we have to uphold the ideology of the liberation war.

Ahoke Madhab Roy, Secretary of the Shipping Ministry said, the government have already taken initiatives to boost up the capability of the port and eradicating hard and vulnerable labour. For this purpose the modern machines were imported.

MA Latif, MP of Chittagong 11-constituency urged  the ministers to relocate few terminals as it created hampers and sufferings to the city people.

Mahbubul Alam, Chamber President urged the ministers to set up a Bay-Terminal by 2020 and to resume the dragging system of the Karnaphuli river.

Rear Admiral Khaled Ikbal said, the machines were brought in Bangladesh for the first time and more modern machines would be added later for boosting the capacity of the port.