Fashion & Lifestyle

The keystone of our integrated Fashion Logistics services is global. We guarantee an excellent freight forwarding service to and from anywhere in the world. What’s more, we know better than anyone else what is happening in this sector and what the success factors are. Therefore, feel free to ask us for sample shipments as an alternative to bulk shipments, different volumes per collection and per garment or request garment on hangers (GOH) as an alternative to flat-packed products.

The Team AM (Bangladesh) Limited invests constantly in developing its logistic solutions and support services. That includes advanced solutions in warehousing and value-added logistics to the fashion market. In addition, we invest continually in our Fashion Logistics concept, including:

  • Seeking innovative smart freight forwarding solutions
  • Expanding our source logistics activities in existing and emerging producer countries
  • Providing supply chain visibility, vendor management, PO management and tracking tools in a single IT platform
  • Expanding GOH and flat-packed-picking activities
  • Developing continuously in warehouse management systems
  • Producing customized e-fulfilment solutions